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Questioning Organic Egg Labeling Standards

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Separating Factory Farm Egg Production From Authentic Organic Agriculture.

The Cornucopia Institute has produced a report exposing what should be a scandal within the organic egg industry.

Mark Kastel, part of the Cornucopia team says: "After two years of research we were very disturbed to find that there really is a corporate agribusiness factory farm takeover of the organic egg industry well underway."

He goes on to reveal that the large corporate egg operations now control 80% of the organic market. "They are paying lip service to the organic standards." he says.

The egg carton in the supermarket may say "Cage Free" and "Organic". The birds are packed in just as tight as any conventional factory farm. They do not have easy, free access to the outdoors. If they do, there is no grass to pick, and they are as miserable and miserably treated as birds in any egg producing factory farm.

He knows why consumers first come to organic food: "They're supporting a different kind of environmental ethic, a more humane animal husbandry model."

After this report, The Cornucopia Institute produced The Organic Egg Scorecard, so that people can opt-out of conventional agriculture and pick brands where the birds have access to the outdoors and live a good life.

A Farmers Market is one of the best places to find eggs from chickens that are humanely raised. And you can ask the tough questions of someone who works there before you buy.

--Bibi Farber

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