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Truth Behind Cage Free Farming

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Now More Than Ever: Ask The Tough Questions

Here is yet another extremely important reason to develop a relationship with local food sources you can trust and preferably visit, if you eat meat, eggs or dairy.

At this point in time, it is imperative to stop buying anything that comes from factory farms. To support them is to support cruelty to animals, inhumane conditions for workers, a criminal waste of water and all around pollution and toxicity to the environment.

Unfortunately, a trip down a different aisle in the supermarket doesn't do it either. It's not enough that the products are labeled "humane" meat, "cage free" or "free range" eggs, or "organic" animal products.

These deceptive labels don't actually mean the animals are any happier or well treated. Many feel-good terms are not regulated by the government, and most are simply misleading.

You can remove the cages and leave everything else in the horrific factory farm hen house, stamp the egg cartons "cage-free" and make money fooling people. Cage Free does not mean there aren't tens of thousands of hens crowded into long, poorly ventilated, completely dark sheds, fully automated feeding and egg collecting systems, filth, death and suffering. It just means there are no cages.

In this interview, Farm Sanctuary's director of legal campaigns, Delci Winders, speaks about the tricky labeling techniques used by animal agriculture industries to deceive the public and sell their products.

If we want meat, eggs or dairy -- now more than ever it is up to us to find an acceptable, humane, small scale alternative sources for what we is being sold in stores, and keep raising awareness about this issue.

--Bibi Farber

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