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Less Oily Food Please!

This is hands down the best 3 minutes you will ever see on the subject.

Here is a hip, edgy, intelligent animation on the subject of how much energy is spent to eat the conventional way - that is, buying meat, produce and dairy through the supermarket system.

Did you know: typical American prepared meal contains, on average, ingredients from 5 countries outside the US? Or that the average food on the plate is trucked in from more than 1,500 miles away and spent 7- 14 days in transit?

It's not a food snob issue: it's geo-politcal. It's about oil. About 17% of our energy use is spent on keeping this agri-business system going.

A good reminder to redouble our efforts to support the farmers market or a CSA - Community Supported Agriculture, which allows individuals to purchase shares of a farms harvest in advance.

That is what you can do to reduce the insane amount of food trucked all over this country - for which the farmers only get 21 cents on the dollar. The rest goes to advertising, distribution and middlemen.

Conversely, 100% of every dollar to a CSA goes to the farm and the farmer. Keep it local!

The arresting animation and haunting music drives the point home: the current system necessitates a criminal waste of energy. A great clip for everyone - send it far and wide!

--Bibi Farber

This video is a collaboration of VideoNation and Hidden Driver