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The fluoride scam

"It's good for you"

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Don't drink, cook or brush with it

It's an old scam - but it continues to cause illness every day all over the world.

Dumping an industrial waste - fluoride - into drinking water.

Do you think they're doing it for your health?

Some ethical MDs sued to require pharmaceutical-grade fluoride to be put into water.

After all, if it's for your health, why not use medical grade fluoride?

The court's answer: "Oh no. That would be too expensive. Defendant may continue to dump the industrial waste grade into drinking water."

If it wasn't dumped into your water, it would have to be disposed of as toxic waste.

Under this scam - putting small amounts of toxic waste in products as an ingredient - the manufacturers can dispose of it as a profit.

(This same principle is how toxins are put in shampoo, face cream, laundry soap, shaving cream etc. under the heading of "fragrance." We've done past videos about this.)

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