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Is the US Forcing GMO Food on Europe?

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GMO Seeds: National Security Priority?

In 2010 more than a million in Europe people signed a petition calling for a complete ban on the use of genetically modified crops.

This was in response to that the European Bloc gave it's approval to the limited growing of GMO crops.

It's led to accusations the US, which is the world's major player in the industry, is putting unfair pressure on the EU.

William Engdahl, economic researcher, journalist, historian, and author of Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of GMO, offers his extensively researched wisdom on the subject.

He explains that since G.W. Bush went to the World Trade Organization in 2003 and pressed a suit against the European Union for blocking the licensing and approval of GMO crops...

"..the US government has made GMO seeds, patented from Dupont and Monsanto, a national security priority, tantamount to the export of defense weapons for the Pentagon and for the US budget. It's a national security export sector -- agribusiness, and especially GMO seeds."

He further explains that the US government co-holds the patent with Monsanto on terminator seed technology!

This information further points to the importance of collecting seeds on everything we bring into our kitchens from now on, and be aware of all foods of which we do not know the origin.

The global political agenda of food control is more than a little chilling.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Russia Today