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Germany to Make History With Alternative Energy (7:58)

Wind Tree Turbine: Perfect For Cities (1:15)

$1 Homemade Solar Shower (2:55)

13 Year Old Develops Breakthrough Solar Technology (7:01)

A Car Powered Only by Air? (4:59)

Accelerated Crash Course 2014: Chris Martenson (56:24)

Amish Go Solar (1:46)

An American Homestead: Online Reality TV Series (17:47)

As Greenland Thaws: Pros and Cons (15:33)

Barefoot Grandmothers Install Solar Power (6:39)

Beer Powered Wisconsin Hospital (1:39)

Bicycle Cell Phone Charger (3:04)

Bicycle Music Festival - San Francisco (6:26)

Bio Bus: The Uk's First Food and Poo Powered Bus (1:25)

Biofuel Made From Algae (3:09)

Blowing Up Mountains: Destroying the Environment for Coal (20:29)

Bottles of Light (3:15)

Breakthrough Energy Conference (2:02)

Bring Back the Clothesline! (2:44)

Build A Passive Solar Heat Box (4:18)

Can Grass Clippings Revolutionize Solar Technology? (2:30)

Candle Powered Space Heater (2:59)

Cargo Ships Go Green (1:36)

Clarkson University Runs On...Trash? (2:42)

Colored Solar Panels (2:57)

Compost Shower (4:12)

Concert Powered by the Sun (2:28)

Converted Shipping Container Is A Solar Powered Internet Shop In South Africa (1:47)

Cooking with Sunshine (3:11)

Copenhagen Wheel: World's Smartest Hybrid Bike (1:32)

Delightful Animated Short on Fracking (2:05)

DIY Cinderblock Rocket Stove (2:29)

DIY Off Grid Washing Machine (3:52)

Earthships 101 (5:21)

Earthships For Everyone! (6:22)

End Of Suburbia: Trailer (2:47)

Endless Hot Water Without Electricity (7:05)

Energy Coop Brings Power To The People (27:59)

Forget Sustainable: Productive Architecture Is The Next Big Thing (12:37)

Fox "News" clueless about solar power (5:16)

Fracking In America (23:33)

Garbage Into Energy in Pakistan (4:15)

Geo Exchange (2:45)

Geothermal Energy in Iceland (6:42)

Green Collar Economy (5:52)

Green Roofs (4:09)

Green Winery (2:40)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Brought To Life In Animation (3:12)

Hemp Car (5:24)

Hemp House On CNN (1:42)

Here Comes The Sun: Documentary on Solar Energy Business (48:19)

Home Made Air Conditioner (3:15)

Home Made Air Conditioner: A Fan And Simple Supplies (3:39)

How Bill Nye keeps his home energy efficient (5:48)

How fueling the future might look (14:50)

How To Build A Biogas Digester (2:47)

How To Build a Simple Solar Tire Cooker (1:39)

How To Fight Fracking And Win (6:18)

How To Make A Brick Rocket Stove For $6:08 (4:12)

How To Make A Parabolic Solar Cooker (5:47)

How to save money on electric (17:38)

Hybrid Electric / Wind Powered Car Invented In China (2:39)

Hydrothermal- 5 Times More Power Than Nuclear (4:30)

Innovative Japanese Wind Turbine, 3 X More Power (4:22)

Is the third industrial revolution in the making? (11:06)

Island of 100% Renewable Energy (2:39)

Keep Foods Cool With Clay Pot Method (1:48)

Make a Solar Oven Out Of A Pizza Box (2:59)

New Light Powered By Gravity Alone (4:27)

No Energy Fridge (3:52)

No water, no life (12:47)

NY State Bans Fracking (3:17)

NYC Bike Share Program Helps Power The New Year's Eve Ball Drop (1:09)

Off Grid Eco Trailer (1:46)

Off The Grid Container Living (5:25)

Off The Grid: Living Off The Land An Hour From Vancouver (14:21)

Paul Glover's Deep Green Jobs (2:40)

People Power: The New Alternative Energy (6:30)

Permablitz in Action (9:05)

Quest for Free Energy: A Machine To Die For (54:59)

Richard Heinberg's House (14:58)

Rob Hopkins, Transition Towns Founder (17:58)

Sail Power Reborn (27:27)

Samso- The Renewable Energy Island Of Denmark (5:04)

Seattle's Bullitt Center (6:44)

Serbien Eco House (1:23)

Small Scale Solar Powers Rural Africa (2:52)

Soda Cans To Heat Your House (3:49)

Solar Bottle Light Bulb (2:15)

Solar Car Ready For The Road (3:17)

Solar Car, Chainsaw and Tractor (11:41)

Solar Home Heater DIY (6:24)

Solar Homestead: Mortgage and Utility Bill Free (7:35)

Solar Panels Power Rutgers Campus (1:50)

Solar Powered Airplane Flies From San Francisco To Phoenix (2:28)

Solar Powered Airplane Takes Flight (5:10)

Solar Powered Boat Travels The World (1:14)

Solar Powered Eco Eatery (2:09)

Solar Powered Portable Electrical Outlet (1:26)

Solar Powered Vehicle Developed In Pakistan (1:50)

Solar Roadways (4:38)

Solar Studio (2:47)

Straw Bale Homes (10:17)

The Air Car (3:24)

The Bat: Next Generation Of Wind Power (2:19)

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind (3:34)

The Dangers of Smart Meters (11:53)

The End Of Suburbia (51:44)

The Miracle Of Denmark's Energy (5:28)

The Missing Link To Renewable Energy (15:15)

The Pavement That Generates Power (2:20)

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (53:06)

The Power of Transition Towns (52:41)

The Solar House (7:39)

The World Is Not Running Out Of Oil...? (3:40)

Tidal Wave Power (4:36)

Transition All Over The World (8:24)

Turning Plastic Back Into Oil (5:09)

Using A Greenhouse To Heat Your House (13:09)

Using Mirrors To Create 500 Suns Worth Of Energy (7:11)

Vineyard Powered (2:24)

What Is A Green Gym? (2:59)

Where is the wind farming industry headed? (6:50)

Where We'll Be In 100 Years: 5 Experts Debate The Question (7:57)

White Roof Solution (2:45)

Windmill For One (2:25)

WindSpire: A Personal Windmill For Cities And Suburbs (2:02)

World's Largest Solar Cooking System (2:01)

World's Most Revolutionary Cookstove (3:23)

You Can Now Ride Your Bike Across Rivers (1:33)

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