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A Car Powered Only by Air?

Air is the New Electric

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Sustainable, Simple, and Inexpensive!

With society's growing awareness of our impact on the environment and the effort on an individual level to shrink our own carbon footprints, green technology has become more widespread. We've seen hybrid and electric cars in mainstream advertising, but there may be an even cleaner option for transportation.
Enter the Airpod. Motor Development International and Tata Motors have teamed up to produce a car that runs on compressed air. Looking like something out of a cartoon, the Airpod offers three wheels, two doors, no steering wheel, and close to a 360 degree view. The compact vehicle has seating for three and is controlled by the driver via a joystick.

The model featured in the video travels at speeds up to 50 miles per hour and runs for 93-124 miles before needing to fill up again. The Airpod produces similar emissions to those of an electric car. The simple technology used to power the vehicles makes it cheaper to produce, buy, and run. Shrink your carbon footprint and your expenses at the same time? Sign me up!

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--Brie Sullivan