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Can Suburban Gardens Supply Enough Food?

A Permablitz is a permaculture based garden makeover where people come together to share knowledge and skills about food production.

Can a few more gardens make a difference?

The average food on an American's plate has traveled 1,500 miles. And it was pretty oily before that trip!

Author Richard Heinberg says: "Our modern industrial food system uses oil at every stage along the way; from seeding with giant tractors to irrigation and plowing, to harvesting to processing and distributing food."

To boot, if you are not composting, hundreds of pounds of your food waste is AGAIN being transported with fossil fuels to a landfill.

This video shows a Permablitz in Australia, where friends and community members help each other plant a no-dig garden.

One participant speaks of the importance of a community grass roots response, in regards to weaning ourselves off of the industrial agriculture system, which will of course go through convulsions of all kinds when there is any disruption or price spike in imported oil.

--Bibi Farber