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Solar Homestead: Mortgage and Utility Bill Free

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Do- It -Yourself Community

This video is as interesting for it's content as it is for it's existence in the first place.

It's a first rate example of the growing movement of people learning to do things for themselves, filming it, and sharing the knowledge online. It's not a new phenomenon per se, but now there is an explosion of "underground" information sharing knowledge of things like homesteading skills.

Although this information lives online in an anonymous sea of videos and blogs, it's definitely community building. It's about people outside the system helping other people outside the system even if they never meet or communicate at all.

Lamar Alexander is serious about sharing his knowledge of how to create a small solar homestead and live mortgage and utility free. His 14 x 14 solar cabin cost around $5,000 to build and install the system. He gets heat from direct solar gain and uses propane ($200/ year) for the back up furnace, stove, fridge and on demand water heater.

He emphasizes that living mortgage and utility bill free gives you your life back.

"Stop listening to the media." says Alexander "Stop being under society's pressure to live in the kind of houses that everyone tells you you have to live in. If you start living this way when you're young, imagine the kind of money you can save."


--Bibi Farber