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Solar Roadways

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Driving On The New Grid

Meet the team that wants to transform all of our roadways into... working solar panels!

Imagine a highway that pays for itself, generates plenty of energy and even flashes information to drivers using LED technology.

Here is technology that incorporates a glass structure strong enough to drive on, on top of photovoltaic panels. The inventors claim that if all the 25,000 square miles of roads, driveways and parking lots in the US were converted to solar road panels, we would generate three times the amount of energy that we use today.

The asphalt roads are collecting heat anyway -- this invention collects the power and stores it. The road itself would be the connection from homes and businesses to the power grid.

Futuristic, yes and surely expensive -- but it possible to adapt glass for this application, and we have the solar technology.

A fascinating development to follow!

--Bibi Farber

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