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Build A Passive Solar Heat Box

For About $6

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Heating For Free

Here is how to build a passive solar box that will provide free heat. The time spent on this one was about 3 hours and the cost $6!

1. Build wood frame
2. Put aluminum foil on inside of back
3. Install wire screen 2" above the foil
4, Cover the entire frame with polycarbonate to allow the sun to come in
hit the foil and reflect and concentrate the heat on the "black wire".
5. Cut a hole at the top of the back wall and another at the bottom of the front polycarbonate wall.
6. Cut a vent hole to match each in your wall, be sure you use an AC vent that can be opened or closed seasonally.
7. If you want to control the speed of the air, install a fan to pull or push the air through.

--Bibi Farber

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