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NYC Bike Share Program Helps Power The New Year's Eve Ball Drop

In Times Square

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Steps to Sustainability in the Big Apple.

Since the program began in May of 2013, with thousands of bikes at hundreds of stations, the Citibike bike sharing program has completely transformed how New Yorkers get around.

Now a few of these bikes will contribute a bit of power to the Time Square Ball Drop on New Years Eve.

Six stationary bikes, connected to batteries that hold 500 watts are open for a few days ahead of time, and people are stepping up to the pedal!

They keep replacing the batteries, and on New Years Eve, some portion of the energy required to light the big ball will be offset by this effort.

FYI, the ball requires 50,000 watts. But it's a symbolic step in the right direction.

Happy New Year!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Times Square NYE