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Hemp Used Instead Of Fiberglass

Here's a high performance sports car with seats and body panels made out of hemp!

Hemp was used instead of fiberglass because it is just as good.

Yes, that's right, hemp is a versatile, easy crop to grow with multiple uses. This plant offers the nutritious seeds that we can eat, fiber for clothing and other textiles, and the woody part of the plant makes for a great building materials with stunning insulating qualities. And then there is, let's see: hemp oil, wax, resin, rope, pulp, paper, and fuel to name a few other uses.

Welcome to the UK, where hemp is legal to grow. Meet a farmer who couldn't be happier with this high yield, low maintenance crop. He only needs half the fertilizer he uses for other crops like wheat and rapeseed. And NO chemicals after that!

"Soon we could use it to grow our cars, our clothes, and even our homes" says the narrator.


--Bibi Farber