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Hydrothermal- 5 Times More Power Than Nuclear

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Hydrothermal energy has the potential to deliver 5 times the power of nuclear energy. The process involves harnessing superheated fluid spewing out from the ocean floor.

It's not that simple to implement power plants on the ocean floor -- but now the technology exists!

From the developers, the Marshall Hydrothermal Website: "As soon as the existence of the first hydrothermal vent was confirmed in 1977, every observer understood the enormous energy potential they contained, but utilizing it seemed an impossible task. Located at average depths of 2,300 m or about 7,500 ft, no one had the slightest idea of what kind of system could be placed at the bottom of the ocean to generate electricity. Although the promise was there, the reality has remained unattainable in the 30 years since their presence became known."

The Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System is now a viable system. They have engineered a way to direct the flow into a continuous, highly insulated pipe, which leads to an oil platform located on the surface above the vent. Once delivered to the platform, the heat energy contained in the fluid can be extracted to generate electricity.

Hydrothermal energy is by far the densest and most highly concentrated natural source,
and offers the potential of replacing existing power plants, something that other renewable sources can not promise.

If the economic and technical challenges can be met -- this is a monumental step towards a genuine renewable energy solution.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by the Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery System