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Homesteading Skills


$1 Homemade Solar Shower (2:55)

$100 Cabin Made Of Wood And Old Billboard (6:59)

3 Natural Herbs For Pain Relief (3:33)

9 Easy Tips For Growing More Food In A Small Space (5:33)

A Subversive Plot: How to Grow a Revolution in Your Own Backyard (18:48)

Activist Eco Village in London (8:12)

Amazing Bottle Tower Gardens (9:09)

Amish Go Solar (1:46)

An American Homestead: Online Reality TV Series (17:47)

An Earthen House Built by Hand (27:27)

Ancient Longevity Secret Revealed: Probiotic Jewels Called Kefir (1:35)

Aquaponic System For Your Living Room (9:09)

Are your composting habits all wrong? (17:22)

Backyard Blitz (1:33)

Backyard Farmers By Necessity (6:24)

Backyard urban farming works (15:13)

Beekeeping Basics: Getting Started (4:17)

Benefits of Bone Broth (1:25)

Bio Sand Filter (5:11)

Build An Underground Greenhouse For Year Round Gardening (4:32)

Build Houses With Recycled Paper (9:50)

Can Government Ban You From Growing Vegetables In Your Own Front Yard? (0:52)

Canning 101 (7:06)

Connecting Backyards and Farmers in Brooklyn (5:25)

Considering some construction? Here's how to build a tire wall! (14:17)

Converting A Grass Lawn To A Garden (5:25)

DIY Cinderblock Rocket Stove (2:29)

Donít have room to grow food? Think again (12:37)

Easy to Make Cheese (3:27)

Eat Your Front Lawn (2:51)

Eco Small Holdings In Wales (10:17)

Edible Estates (2:42)

Edible Weeds (6:20)

Endless Hot Water Without Electricity (7:05)

Feeling crafty? Build a solar panel! (29:20)

First Earth: Film About Natural Building (1:22:16)

Front Lawns Are For Food (1:48)

Garden Paradise In An Old Swimming Pool (2:40)

Greywater Rising (5:10)

Grow Above Ground Potatoes In A Potato Basket (5:49)

Grow Medicinal Herbs (3:54)

Growing Edible Ginger (1:45)

Growing Food With Zero Heating In Massachusetts' Winter (5:32)

Harvesting Rainwater in L.A. (1:54)

Heather Flores, Founder of Food Not Lawns (4:03)

Home Canning Introduction (3:58)

Home Made Air Conditioner (3:15)

Homemade Cough Medicine Using Vodka, Molasses, Peppermint Candy (6:06)

Homemade Emergency Water Filtration Using All Natural Products (6:33)

Homemade Solar Water Distiller (3:47)

Honey On The Rooftop in D.C. (2:54)

How To Build A Biogas Digester (2:47)

How To Can Tomatoes (3:17)

How To Dry Garden Herbs For Tea (3:23)

How To Grow Shiitake Mushrooms (4:15)

How to Install a Greywater System (7:01)

How To Live A Moneyless Life Like (8:08)

How To Make A Brick Rocket Stove For $6:08 (4:12)

How To Make A Green House - CHEAP! (8:39)

How To Make A Parabolic Solar Cooker (5:47)

How To Make A Root Cellar Out Of An Old Fridge (2:45)

How To Make A Worm Farm For Under $5 (7:26)

How To Make An African Style Raised Bed (5:14)

How To Make Garden Beds Out Of Used Pallets (5:10)

How To Make Homemade Sauerkraut (7:25)

How To Make Milk Kefir (6:10)

How To Make Your Own Fruit And Vegetable Wash (1:26)

How To Make Your Own Toothpaste (8:05)

How To Pick, Cut, Eat and Use Aloe Vera (4:44)

How To Purify/ Disinfect Water (8:26)

How To Regrow Green Onions (3:14)

Installing a better kind of insulation (2:54)

Introduction To Home Aquaponics (4:32)

Joel Salatin On Debt Free Farming (6:47)

Joel Salatin On The Next Generation of Farmers (6:23)

Keep Foods Cool With Clay Pot Method (1:48)

Living Like It's 2050: A Transition Farm in North Carolina (8:52)

Living Without Plastic For A Year (3:23)

Local Wardrobe (11:41)

Log Cabin Built For $500 (11:00)

Make Raw Milk Yogurt (5:00)

Make Your Own Laundry Detergent (3:18)

Make Your Own Sun Screen (3:52)

Making Beeswax Candles (4:55)

Newspaper Pots For Seedlings (5:05)

Off Grid Float Cabin (12:54)

Off The Grid: Living Off The Land An Hour From Vancouver (14:21)

One Million Gardens (2:11)

Organic Bee Keeping: 12 Things To Prevent Colony Collapse Disorder (10:20)

PBS TV: A Victory Garden In Your Front Lawn (4:08)

Permaculture Food Forest In The Suburbs (9:57)

Poor Man's Water Purifier (4:52)

Prepping Vs. Homesteading (20:23)

Rain Harvesting In The Texas Drought (3:38)

Rain Water Collection (4:58)

Remineralize The Earth (9:40)

Reskilling Expo (14:12)

Revolutionary: Rain Gutter Gardening (6:22)

Seeking The Good Life In America (14:36)

Self Reliance In LA: Radical Home Ec (20:32)

Sheet Mulching Your Lawn (7:31)

Shredding Paper For Compost (4:01)

Simple Outdoor Composting (5:26)

Soap Nuts: Sustainable, Chemical Free Laundry (3:13)

"Sodis" (2:14)

Solar Home Heater DIY (6:24)

Solar Homestead: Mortgage and Utility Bill Free (7:35)

Sprouting (2:23)

Step By Step Instructions For 100% Safe Water-Bath Canning (3:15)

Stockpot Broth (8:57)

The Best Hobo Stove Ever (7:24)

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind (3:34)

The End of Fermentation Was The Beginning of Depression (6:04)

The Growing Home (4:24)

The Industrial Egg vs. The Permaculture Egg (4:52)

The Many Amazing Uses Of Pine (5:15)

The Most Important Thing We Have Learned From Our Homesteading Experience (24:40)

The Self Contained Home: Joel Salatin - Part 1 of 2 (29:36)

The Self Contained Home: Joel Salatin Part 2 of 2 (24:15)

Turn Milk Jugs Into Reusable Lunch Boxes (3:30)

Urban Homesteading (4:15)

Using A Greenhouse To Heat Your House (13:09)

Vertical Hydroponic: DIY (6:09)

Woman Surviving 70 Years In The Siberian Wilderness (35:44)

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