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Garden Paradise In An Old Swimming Pool

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A Symbiotic Permaculture System

Welcome to Mesa, Az. In this house, there is a farm where the pool used to be! Or rather...still is!

This is a truly inspired and brilliant idea. The McClung family bought a house and included was a useless old non-working pool. Instead of filling it in, they turned it into a permaculture paradise.

"We decided to design an inexpensive and self-sufficient urban greenhouse. Initially we anticipated self-sufficiency by 2012 but we had reached our goal by 2010." says Dennis McClung.

This old pool space now combines solar power, aquaculture, hydroponic gardening, aquaponics, organic gardening, water conservation and biofiltration, and they raise chickens!

The family enjoys fruits, vegetables and herbs, plenty of eggs and unlimited tilapia fish.

"The chicken waste feeds the algae which feeds the fish, also feeds the fruits and vegetables. It's a symbiotic permaculture system." he says.

While swimming pools are tremendously wasteful and require electricity and chemicals, this system uses 90% less water than conventional farming methods.

Pure genius!

-- Bibi Farber

This video was produced by the owners of this amazing Garden Pool.
Visit them at for more info.