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A Few Simple Steps

This video features a terrific recipe for an easy roasted tomato sauce, made with fresh late summer herbs, and homegrown onions and garlic.

However, it has been brought to Nextworldtv's attention that there are some possible problems with the methods shown here.

The cook made no mention of using only approved recipes something that will ensure your recipe has been tested in a certified kitchen for acid level and heat penetration of the product. Both these factors are essential to safe canning. Safe resources are: the Ball Blue Book, Ball Book of Home Food Preservation, So Easy to Preserve (University of Georgia home to the National Home Food Preservation Center), and the websites of state extension services.

Lids are never boiled. They can be washed and heated to 180 degrees but they are never boiled.

Because tomatoes are right on the edge of acid/low acid foods, virtually all tomato products that are not acidified through the addition of vinegar in the cooking process must be acidified during the canning process by the addition of either citric acid or lemon juice (instructions are available in the books cited above).

Here is an alternate video that include additional, more comprehensive safety procedures on canning.

The title is "Step By Step Instructions For 100% Safe Water-Bath Canning" and you can find it in the "Homesteading Skills" category.

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--Bibi Farber

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