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How To Build A Biogas Digester

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A Worthwhile Challenge

Anyone interested in building a biogas digester?

It is a unit designed to produce methane gas using feedstocks of various sources, which can then be used to supply cooking stoves and ovens. The waste, such as animal manure, municipal and food waste, releases methane gas, a clean-burning fuel source that does not produce soot.

Biogas production is a tricky business dependent on keeping temperamental micro-organisms alive and in perfect balance to keep the gas flowing.

In the US, codes for gas storage and sanitation are strict. For many people, the process just isnít cost-effective enough to make it worthwhile. But for those who are tinkerers at heart, we offer a great video to show you what is involved!

Just remember: Methane is a combustible, and dangerous, gas. Do not use open flames, power equipment or even cell phones, around a personal biogas digester.

--Bibi Farber