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Sheet Mulching Your Lawn

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Conventional Lawns Are Over!

This video will show you techniques to sheet mulch your lawn in order to transform it for better use.

Why maintain a conventional lawn anymore? They are wasteful holdovers from the days when estates wanted to show off the amount of land they did not need to use for growing food.

These days they are just rather useless, decorative but mostly unimaginative and energy/water wasting. They are a landscaping statement whose time has come and gone.

Using these techniques, the transformation from the manicured boring green to beautiful natural grasses, or flowers, fruits and vegetables can be started at any time of year, but fall is best.

You can create a landscape that uses much less water and fertilizer than a regular lawn, and be eating food from your front yard. You can be building healthy soil and plants, make a welcoming habitat for bees and butterflies -- or just create a wonderful, natural retreat.

-- Bibi Farber

This video was created by Bay Friendly Landscaping and Gardening