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Step By Step Instructions For 100% Safe Water-Bath Canning

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Valuable Advice

This video clearly shows the very safest procedures that we could find to share with you here on Nextworldtv.

A knowledgeable subscriber, who is a certified canning instructor, submitted the following valuable advice:

"When canning either using the water bath method or pressure canning method it is crucial for your safety that you follow exactly recipes from approved sources. These can be found in the Ball Blue Book, The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, and So Easy to Preserve (available from the University of Georgia). You can also find recipes that have been scientifically tested for acidity levels and heat penetration from the USDA National Center for Home Food Preservation ( or the websites of state cooperative extension services located at land grant universities throughout the United States".

This video shows you safe step by step methods to get started. Enjoy!

--Bibi Farber

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