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Health and Medical


100 year old vegan heart surgeon (01:34)

A silent epidemic (08:11)

A theory about chronic disease (07:37)

An MD tells the truth about vaccines (11:27)

Chemotherapy - It's good for whom? (39:50)

Confronting the silent epidemic (50:56)

"Curing people doesn't pay" (18:38) NEW!

DeNiro speaks out about vaccines (06:31)

Environmental medicine explained (23:33)

Everything the doctors won't tell you (25:01)

Fraud and heart surgery (32:37)

Growing tropical fruit in Nebraska (02:00)

If you're diagnosed with cancer... (39:10)

Is Alcoholism severe form of food allergy? (50:26)

Monsanto's Roundup is on everything (01:20:47) NEW!

Most doctors are totally useless (45:48)

NEW - Introducing functional medicine (33:42)

The Cure to Obesity is Prevention, not Surgery (08:00)

The healing power of simple fasting (16:44)

The monster that ate America (25:46)

The much-neglected source of human life (36:47)

The roots of the epidemic of modern diseases (01:05:41)

The second brain (14:10)

Time for insulation (02:28)

Too much sugar? (08:21)

Toxic building materials (01:07:50)

What you need to know about cardiologists (04:25)

Where is all the testosterone going? (02:56)

Why processed food is do dangerous (12:16)

Why this veteran oncology nurse quit (48:21)

Why US health care is such a disaster (08:47)

Why vaccines are so dangerous (8:18)

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