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Is Alcoholism severe form of food allergy?

The suppressed science of allergy/addictions

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Is Alcoholism a severe form of food allergy?

Tens of millions of people suffer from alcoholism.

It's possible that many people with this disorder are actually suffering from a severe form of food allergy that has little or nothing to do with alcohol at all.

This is some seriously suppressed information.

For example, as far as I know this is the only YouTube video on the subject and finding info on it even with Google is very hard.

Yet from the 1940s to the 1980s some doctors used this information to help alcoholics not only stop drinking, but also stop their biological cravings.

Why isn't this information better known?

Could it be there are billions to be made - by doctors, rehab centers, Big Pharma, and others - by making this biological disorder into an "incurable" problem?

Part One of this series that lays the scientific foundations:

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