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Epic medical negligence by US medical system

Total inactivity on virus until it was too late

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China and Italy report: CoVid-19 is a hospital-spread disease


Do you know where most of the CoVid-19 cases came from in China and Italy?

Hospital transmission from original patients to health care workers to non-infected patients and then to health care workers families.

China figured it out. Italy learned it the hard way. US hospitals still haven't figured it out - because they didn't care enough to find out.

Comments from hospital workers: "We've never seen an outbreak like this. No training or information is being made available whatsoever."


(1) WHO-China Joint Mission Final Report
(2) CDC Report on transmission dynamics � based on China experience and cruise ship case
(3) Report by Italy�s Minister of Health � Who is actually dying from this virus? (In Italian)
(4) US hospitals only just learning how to treat the virus � in late March 2020

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