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Glyphostate found in vaccines

MIT Scientist and health researcher

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"Decreases general immunity"

Apparently, YouTube has been taking down that they call "anti-vaxx" videos.

So download and re-post. It could be the only time you see it.

What's at issue:

1. Vaccine "success" stats have been falsified
2. Vaccines decrease general immunity - one "immunization" sets you up for other diseases
3. Vaccines come with all kinds of "extras" like mercury, aluminum and now, glyphostate contamination

MIT scientist, with results appearing in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

But the pro-GMO, pro-Monsanto, and mindless vaccine zealots would prefer you not know this.

Apparently, YouTube has been taking down what they call "anti-vaxx" videos.

So download and re-post. It could be the only time you see it.

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