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Indigenous Wisdom


Cancer Curing Graviola Tree (4:28)

Earth Wisdom: For A World In Crisis (54:33)

First Nations Organic Food Coop (22:22)

Is the Western view of time a little screwy? (15:09)

Negative emotions and how to heal them (27:55)

Plantagon: Native Americans and Swedes Create Vertical Farming (3:55)

RIP Russell Means (37:23)

Russel Means: Welcome To The Reservation (1:35:59)

The Economics Of Happiness: Trailer (6:16)

The Power Of Listening: An Ancient Practice For Our Future (17:03)

The Unfractured (12:12)

The Yurt: A Home You Can Fold Up And Move (14:24)

Vandana Shiva: Traditional Knowledge, Biodiversity and Sustainable Living (16:40)

We Are All One (9:54)

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