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Learning, Observing And Connecting

"Our people were food secure at one time, before the treaties. We put ourselves in the care of the crown, and have been living in poverty and hunger ever since" says Joe Munrow, founding member of the Muskoday Organic Workers Co-op.

This video spotlights the First Nations Organic Farming and Food Coop in Saskatchewan, Canada.

It is about indigenous Americans reestablishing an agricultural way of life. The approach to nature and all living things is deeply spiritual, with each plant having a plant spirit that must be honored and communicated with, so that harmony is achieved.

At the practical level is really what we refer to today as a permaculture approach. It's all about learning, observing and connecting. You don't force the garden, you listen to it, you let it guide you.

Daniel Musqua, Muskoday First Nation elder says of his grandfather's gardening ways:"Everything required each other. Plants will actually co ordinate with the air, the wind and the insects and the birds. Everything had an association."

Harvey Knight, president of the Muskoday Organic Workers Coop says: "My job as a gardener is to develop this relationship with the plant. To see the plant as equal to me. It's an approach where we make an agreement with the plant."

What is so inspiring about this video is that the people active with the coop believe these projects have the potential of creating full employment for First Nations. Harvey Knight speaks about the potential for growing food, getting off welfare and feeding the rest of Canada.

"This is a journey of discovery back into our past and we are bringing those traditions and practices up to the present to replenish ourselves, to re energize ourselves, to revitalize our communities so we can be healthy again."

--Bibi Farber

This video was directed by Noah Erenberg

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