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Plantagon: Native Americans and Swedes Create Vertical Farming

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Feeding The City

Plantagon is a company that is making great headway with vertical farming technology intended for inner cities.

What is most unusual is that this business is a collaboration between the Onondaga Nation, Native American Indians in the US and Canada, and the engineers and business staff based in Sweden.

The enormous futuristic sphere is indeed a vertical farm (artist rendering). It is a system of growing vegetables that rotates the produce into the sunlight on conveyer belts. The technology is designed to use a low level of energy. The idea is that the vegetables are sold right there where they are grown.

Now this vision is becoming reality. In February of 2012 the first Plantagon Greenhouse broke ground in Linköping Sweden. Once the drafting stage is complete, construction of the greenhouse will take an estimated 12-16 months. The team claims to have interest in going forward with plans from cities in 4 countries.

"What we learn from the Onondaga Nation is how to think long term. What they learn from us is how to use the market economy to accomplish great things." Hans Hassle Plantagon CEO*

--Bibi Farber

For more info on this unique collaboration and technology, visit

*This quote is taken from another video on the project, produced in Swedish by TV4