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The Plastic Bank

Can We Make All Used Plastic Valueble?

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And Alleviate Poverty At The Same Time?

300 million tons of new plastic is created every year. And all the plastic that has ever been created is still here.

Where did we think it went when we threw it "away"? It went into the landfill or the oceans. 7 million tons every year ends up in the ocean. We are now ingesting microscopic bits of plastic all the way up the seafood chain.

The Plastic Bank, started by two Canadian entrepreneurs, opened their doors in May of 2014. People living in poverty in Columbia and Peru will be able to bring all types of plastic waste in to their centers in exchange for goods, tools and household items.

Currently, less than 2% of plastic is recycled. If this idea takes off, all the used plastic in the world can become a currency and we can begin to truly recycle on a mass scale, while helping people in the process.

--Bibi Farber

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