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The Myth Of Clean Incineration

It's Poppycock!

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Making Toxins Microscopic

It is impossible to convert thousands of pounds of trash into nothing.

Welcome to the Anti-Incineration Press Conference in Toronto, 2007. This will put to rest any doubts you may have about the benefits of burning trash.

There simply is no miracle incinerator- one that does not produce toxic emissions and ash.

The message to industry is this: "If we can't reuse it, if we can't recycle it, if we can't compost it- you shouldn't be making it" says Professor Emeritus at St. Lawrence University Dr. Paul Connett.

This post is added to Nextworldtv as a retraction to a previous post where we supported Sweden's advanced incineration system. They incinerate so much garbage that they have to import it from other countries. We have since removed that video as we have understood, as Dr. Connett says, that this is "total poppycock" as a way to deal with our refuse.

We can not make our garbage magically disappear - it only changes form into microscopic highly toxic particles that poison all living things on earth.

A goal of zero waste is the only way to go.

--Bibi Farber