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School Lunch Program=Disposal System

Says Michael Pollan

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Call For Change

Author and journalist Michael Pollan lets us in on a dirty secret.

"The school lunch program is by and large a disposal system for agricultural commodities. The farmers grow too much of various things, the government buys it from them to support their prices and their welfare and then dumps it on schools." he explains here.

This is why you find mostly highly processed, fatty, terrible quality food in schools across the United States.

It's worse than you think: there are rules the require the school lunch program to buy food from the lowest bidder. Imagine if you were forced to only buy and eat the absolute cheapest food available to you. This is what's for lunch for most of an American kids' childhood. No whole, local or organic foods enter the picture in this system. They can't compete.

Furthermore, he tells us the schools no longer have kitchens -- only giant microwaves! They are totally dependent on processed food and couldn't even cook real meals if they had to.

This is a scandal, an utter disgrace and we need to make changes to the laws, which starts with a change in public awareness.

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-Bibi Farber

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