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Goat Share Crackdown: Last Farm In The City

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My Goat = My Milk

Healthy raw milk is available in stores in California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Mexico. In many other states you can buy milk directly from farmers at the farm. However, in some states, such sales are illegal; a farmer can lose his or her Grade A license and even go to jail for selling consumers unprocessed milk directly.

This is the story of one small family farm in the age of big Ag and big government.

Meet Michale and Xiodan Hulme, of Evergreen Acres Goat Farm, a small family farm in San Jose, CA, that is struggling to maintain their herd-share operation following the attempt of local law enforcement and the California Department of Food and Agriculture to shut them down.

Cow or goat-share programs allow farmers to provide raw milk to consumers without cumbersome and expensive paperwork mandated by the state, and protect the farmer from liability since the animal belongs to the consumer and the consumer is drinking the milk from their own animal.

The authorities are now cracking down on this system. The State and county officials say if the milk is leaving the farm and going to multiple households, the farm has to be set up as a commercial dairy with proper equipment and licenses.

Cases like this are escalating now, as is our awareness of Food Sovereignty: the right to choose the type and source of food you want for you and your family without government interference.

--Bibi Farber

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