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Too Poor For Vegetables?

The Food Justice Movement asks the tough questions about why good food, like fresh produce, is not available in poor neighborhoods.

How can a neighborhood of 30,000 people have dozens of junk food corner stores, dozens of liquor stores -- and no place to buy real food?

"Food Justice (movement) is looking at all of the infrastructure and societal trends, we're looking at economics, we're looking at racism, we're looking at all of these factors that make people make the decision to not put a grocery store in there. We're looking at redlining. Grocery stores will draw a line around a neighborhood and say "They're too poor." says Malaika Edwards of the People's Grocery, a non-profit health and wealth organization whose mission is to improve the health and economy of West Oakland through the local food system.

As one West Oakland resident in this video puts it: "The right to healthy nutritious food for all is not honored in this culture in which fast food and agribusiness has dominated the scene for so long now."

It is a subtle and cruel form of starvation that we are perpetuating in low income neighborhoods here in the US. The Food Justice Movement is hard at work raising awareness, and getting out there making important changes right now.

-Bibi Farber