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How To Create Your Own Village

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Starting All Over - Is It Possible?

Claude Lewenz is author of "Life Liberty Happiness" and "How to Build a VillageTown".

He has a vision of creating communities that are constructed from the ground up, by a group of people who intend to live there.

A VillageTown is a 10,000 population town made up of 20 villages. Within there are no cars, it has its own local economy, and its purpose is to enable its citizens to enjoy a "good life", understood as the social pursuits of conviviality, citizenship, artistic, intellectual & spiritual growth.

Sounds great- but how?

The website picks up where the video leaves off about how these wonderful environments can actually be created. If this idea speaks to you, see for the details on how thousands of people can make this happen together!

--Bibi Farber

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