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The REAL Reason To Get Rid Of Clutter

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Lighten Up Your House, Lighten Up Your Spirit

Note: Best to go full screen for this one to see the photos.

It's all about energy. You block new things from entering your life if you hold onto old things cluttering up your space. They detract from the available energy in the seen, and unseen sphere of your life.

We all know how great a clutter clearing of the house or office feels. This video, which highlights the Feng Shui perspective, explains that objects do not just take up space and make it harder to have an orderly house: they actually make us tired because they reflect old, tired and stuck energy. We are obligated to them in ways that we feel as well as see.

It is a distraction for your soul, even if the house is big enough to hold the stuff. The sense of being impacted and stuck is there even if the items are arranged in an orderly way. It takes so much more time to navigate a space full of things, and most of us just get used to it. Every time you bring anything into your house, even a book, think about it: there is that much less actual air that can circulate, that much less space where your eye can wander, where you can have a vase of fresh wild flowers or treasured photo that makes you feel good.

A book case full of only books that we really love and resonate with, and want to refer to again, by contrast,is very pleasing to behold.

Every item you can recirculate back into the world gives you not only that space on the shelf back, it releases the energy that is attached to it. You can liberate your life with less stuff and make room for your NOW energy.

--Bibi Farber

Linda Binns is a Personal Growth coach and consultant, specializing in Conscious Feng Shui.

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