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How to Install a Greywater System

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Your Shower = Plants Shower= Same Water

Greywater is the water leaving your house that is easily treatable for reuse in the garden. Typically, that is water from the bath and shower, the bathroom sink and the laundry.

Regulations governing domestic greywater use for landscape irrigation is still a developing area. It continues to gain wider support as the actual risks and benefits are considered and as water conservation becomes more important every year.

Greywater is considered in some jurisdictions to be 'sewage’ and different regulations apply in different states as to whether it can be used for sub surface irrigation and for toilet flushing.

But people are educating themselves and each other about how to make use of grey water, even in areas where it is complicated or impossible to get permission to install a home system.

This video is part of the grass roots Do-It-Yourself campaign for those who are taking water conservation into their own hands.

You will get a good idea here of what is involved, if you are considering making this important and intelligent move.

--Bibi Farber

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