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Greywater Rising

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People Helping People Save Water

As this video opens, a group of people on their way by bus to an underground meeting to learn how to do something that is illegal in parts of the country.

And what would that be? They are going to a workshop to learn how to install clandestine greywater systems in their yards!

"It's illegal but there are some people who know how to do it who have invited a lot of us to come and learn how to do it".

This is how much they care about saving water. "Greywater Guerillas" have since changed their name to "Greywater Action -- For a Sustainable Water Culture". They are a collaborative group of educators, designers, builders, and artists who educate and empower people to build sustainable water culture and infrastructure.

One third of a household's water use is from baths and showers. The video shows the steps to reconfigure your plumbing to be able to take the greywater, from sinks and bathtubs, and filter it through mulch to safely use it for growing food- instead of draining it all away.

Water conscious activists turned educators! Welcome to the Nextworld!

--Bibi Farber

This video is produced by Greywater Action - For a Sustainable
Water Culture website: