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Freegans Go Dumspter Diving

Dangerous? Unacceptable? Disgusting?

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Our Level Of Waste Is What Is REALLY Unacceptable

Dr Milton Saier is a professor at University of California, San Diego. He saves over $10,000 a year getting his food from...dumpsters!

"Freeganism" is a movement that believes in minimizing waste, and using what we already have. They believe in minimal participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources.

Yes, they collect good food out of the garbage. This technique involves rummaging through the dumpsters of retailers, residences, offices, and restaurants.

They follow some common sense ground rules about food safety, and end up with plenty of perfectly edible free food. Blemishes on produce and our sell-by date laws ensure that a criminal amount of edible food is placed in the dumpster ever day.

They get more than just food. Due to our throwaway culture that encourages us to constantly replace older goods with newer ones, our garbage is in pretty good shape. The goods recovered by freegans are more often than not safe, useable, clean, and in near-perfect condition.

Some urban foragers go at it alone, others dive in groups, but they always share the discoveries openly with one another and with anyone along the way who wants them.

Yes, it may seem dangerous, unacceptable and disgusting. But the level of waste in the Western world is a far cry more dangerous, unacceptable and disgusting.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Planet Green.