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Embracing Work and Life As One Thing

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Aiming For Something More Human

Have you ever considered that the paradigm of "Work / Life Balance" is flawed? 90% of us in survey after survey, chronically feel we're not getting it right, yet it's a concept that we continue to worship at the altar of, as though if we just keep tweaking it, it will all come together beautifully one day.

This Ted Talk examines our cultural belief in the Work / Life Balance myth and offers a fresh discussion of how we can frame a more integrated and holistic life, where work and "life" are not two competing and separate entities.

Rudy DeFelice is a recovered large-firm lawyer turned entrepreneur, who speaks and publishes about start ups and entrepreneurship, user experience and various legal and financial topics.

He explains that the reason it's not working is that we are constantly trying to marshal resources from one to the other, and we reinforce a dynamic of conflict and competition, instead of a synergistic approach that allows for more flexibility and flow.

This is a great video to share with people you know who could benefit from re-framing the conventional work/life paradigm. A new day is dawning: unemployment is up, but so is entrepreneurship: 40% of people under 24 want to start their own businesses. Values are shifting, and our needs and motivating factors reach deeper than a paycheck.

-- Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Ted Talks