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Community Mobilizing Made Easy Online

Bright Neighbor is a brilliant initiative designed to bring people together to share resources, grow food and foster strong communities.

It's simple: software that helps you find neighbors with similar interests and commitment to sustainability initiatives like growing food, composting, creating barter circles.

They are very grounded in the real world as well as the online dimension, organizing community events where they are based in Portland, OR. For example, the group helps manage the planting, tracking, and long-term survival of fruit and nut trees in their communities.

For the entire world, they offer online software to help people share belongings, equipment and skills, building neighborhood and block-by-block barter networks, coordinate ride share programs, spaces and events, seed swaps and more.

See founder Randy White's infectious enthusiasm at work here as he embarks on a bike tour through his neighborhood, mobilizing the community and raising awareness about permaculture.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams calls Bright Neighbor an important city partner, and founder Randy White calls it a training program for communities.

Talk about vision! Very Nextworld!

-Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Bright Neighbor TV