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45,000 Reasons to Swap to Fair Trade Chocolate

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Chocolates Change Lives

Meet some of the people who supply cocoa for your Valentine's Day chocolates.

This clip, created by Oxfam, reminds us again that Fair Trade guarantees a better life for producers in developing countries.

45,000 farmers participate in the Fair Trade program in Ghana. The farmers are paid a fair market rate for their crops, which amplifies their earnings -- far above what they earn on the non- fair trade market.

The extra money all gets re-invested: a portion of the premiums go to the community, another portion goes to scholarships, various social amenities, and programs to expand their businesses.

One female farmer says: "Fair Trade has helped me in understanding how to trade, and has allowed me to send my children to school and buy food."

It also helps them grow the crops sustainably.

We love our chocolate! Keep the heart shaped truffles coming, please! But this year let's skip the fancy packaging, and find a company that supports Fair Trade and sustainable, organic farming.

--Bibi Farber