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How To Make A Root Cellar Out Of An Old Fridge

For Under $10

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Cool Temperatures And High Humidity

These homesteaders figured out how to turn an old refrigerator that had stopped working into a root cellar.

A root cellar was an essential part of every home in the days before fresh produce was available in supermarkets year-round.

Nestled in the earth, a root cellar maintained a temperature just above freezing and provided practical food storage for root crops, apples, meats and cabbages throughout a long winter.

The goal here was to make a root cellar for about $10. With this old fridge that they modified by removing all the unnecessary parts, they tried to emulate optimal root cellar conditions: cool temperatures and high humidity.

Consistent air flow is also important, to keep the food from rotting. This video was produced before the final results were in but it looks likes it's well on it's way, and judging from the posts on their blog it ended up working!

You can follow the progress of this invention here:

--Bibi Farber

--Bibi Farber