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From Rock Music To Recycling In Haiti

Linkin Park's Sustainable Recycling Solutions

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Band's Merchandise Made Out Of Plastic

Mike Shinoda, singer in the rock band Linkin Park lives in Los Angeles - and he's also an investor in a very successful recycling center in Haiti.

"We called it Sustainable Recycling Solutions, or SRS Haiti." he explains. "It's not a catchy nor glamorous name, because collecting trash isn't a glamorous business. It started off slowly, with a big empty lot that basically looked like a dump. But within a month, we were bringing in over seven times more plastic than we had initially predicted. In a year, we had blown through our collection projections, with over 4 million bottles off the streets. This success was not the product of marketing or promotion -- we simply opened the doors, treated people fairly and let the people hear about SRS through word of mouth. The real motivator was that the Haitian people are not only inspired to work, they are resourceful and loyal."

Now the band makes merchandise from the recycled material. It takes 50 recycled plastic bottles make a Linkin Park jacket!

--Bibi Farber

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