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Cooking with Sunshine

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Saving More Than Energy

Did you now that a solar oven can cost as little as $5 and last two years?

SCI stands for Solar Cookers International, a Sacramento, CA non- profit organization that with the help of other aid groups have trained more than 30,000 people in developing countries to cook with the sun. They are spotlighted in this National Geographic clip.

This amazing invention is a perfect solution to so many problems that transcend simply saving energy.

In developing countries, women have to walk 2- 3 miles to get firewood to cook with. Having this constant indoor pollution burns their eyes and chokes their lungs. The solar oven puts an end to these problems as well as deforestation.

Another truly life saving aspect of the solar oven: It can be used as a sustainable way to purify water. If you heat water to 65 degrees Celsius (149 degrees Fahrenheit) you can pasteurize it and make it safe to drink. See in the video how they created a simple way to measure if the water has reached this temperature.

One happy recipient says : "We are all amazed that a cardboard box can cook!"

--Bibi Farber