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Zero Waste Redesigned Clothing

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Style and Sustainability

In Barcelona, there was a sanitation company that wanted to replace it's uniforms, over 1,000 in total. Not wanting to throw the old uniforms away, they called a local design school. The students were given the mandate not just to find new uses for the old clothing, but to do so without creating any waste.

They came up with brilliant designs for all kinds of products, including costumes and toys for kids, cushions, a thermos made from the sleeve of a shirt, stylish messenger bags, money belts and more.

Not only did they reuse every stitch of clothing, they had everything re-manufactured locally to reduce transportation costs.

This project shows resourcefulness, imagination, style and sustainability all in one! Let this be an example of what is yet to come. There is no end to what can be remade with old clothes!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Fair Companies.