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Repurpose Everything: The Pure Salvage Movement

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Re-Pioneering An Old Art

The Pure Salvage Living Movement believes we have all the materials we need to build homes and live comfortably. They have already been produced. They just need to be salvaged!

Lumber, windows, flooring, sinks, tubs, clothing, dishes, furniture, hardware -- everything is already manufactured and just needs to be saved from the landfill, fixed up and put back to work.

The Pure Salvage Living Movement website is hosted by Brad Kittel, the owner of Tiny Texas Houses. He rebuilds homes using salvaged materials, practicing what he preaches everyday.

From his website: "What sense does it make to dispose of the unmatchable building materials that were harvested a hundred years or more ago when they could instead be salvaged from demolitions or disasters, and reused to rebuild? I am re-pioneering an old art, one of turning salvage from one home into the makings of the next. Like the last, I expect it to last for a century or more. It has been done throughout history by all civilizations that have been conquered in war or suffered other tragedies, like earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and fires."

Kittel maintains that 51% of trash in landfills is building material. This video makes the point that using salvage material not only saves resources and reduces landfill use, but creates jobs for locals instead of creating more trash.

What an inspiring initiative this is! Amen!

--Bibi Farber

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