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Island of 100% Renewable Energy

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Island In The... Wind!

Welcome to Samso, an island off the coast of Denmark. Here is an example of something so remarkable: a community pulling together, investing together, and succeeding at becoming completely energy independent.

The investment of the 20 turbines was made by the islanders themselves, with some help from the Danish government.

1/4 of the whole country's electricity is wind generated and the government aims for that number to jump to 50% by 2020.

In 1997, Samso won a government competition to become a model renewable energy community. At the time Samso was entirely dependent on oil and coal, both of which it imported from the mainland. The civic leaders hit the road and convinced 450 island residents to invest in wind power. The farmers liked the idea of making money on the power they could sell back to the grid, as there is plenty of wind on the island.

The people of Samso heat their homes with straw burned in a central heating system and they power some vehicles on biofuel which they also grow. 75% of its heat comes from solar power and biomass energy.

This is truly a fascinating example of clear thinking and cooperation -- spread the word!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by CCTV