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Did our society spring from
a hunter-gatherer past?

An MD's opinion

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Early man more gatherer than hunter

John McDougall, MD says that early man was more gatherer than hunter.

Early civilizations relied mostly on gathering for caloric intake because hunting was an inefficient thing to do.

Women and children gathered food while the men hunted but meat was not always guaranteed. Without gathering early civilizations would not have survived.

50,000 years ago agriculture was started from the cultivation of the plants that were gathered.

This allowed extra food, extra food allowed for a more diverse society. For the first time people could be artists, politicians, craftsmen, farmers. It allowed animals to start being raised because we had the means to feed them.

With modern society and the gathering of fossil fuels. 1 person could farm food for 3000 people.

Gathering was the "caloric engines of civilization". We wouldn't be the society we are today without it.