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Solar Home Heater DIY

by Jack Seville

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No More Heating Bills

On or off the grid application for energy independence and self-sufficiency! That's what it's all about.

Here is a genius way to permanently generate heat in your home using solar power. The video is exceptionally well produced, and shows you how to build and install a simple inexpensive solar heater.

The host is Jack Saville who has a new book on self-reliance and free energy DIY projects, titled "Magic Machines in a Magic House" available on

Brilliant ideas abound, with clear explanations and diagrams so you can do it yourself.

Thank you Jack, for sharing your simple ways to build homes and appliances that use the heat of the sun, falling rain and the cool earth to live without utility bills, and in cooperation with the environment and other living things.

--Bibi Farber

For more information see Jack Saville on, or