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Quest for Free Energy: A Machine To Die For

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Free Energy Changes Everything

The documentary "Machine to Die For" is about the search for free energy.

Take a step into the world of people who passionately explore the possibilities, thinking outside the box, about how to harness free energy.

You'll see free energy motors that can recharge their own batteries, self drive electro-magnetic engines that with enough power to put spacecraft into orbit, and perpetual energy machines in motion.

You'll also meet the naysayers and sceptics.

What could be more lifesaving right now to our planet than endless, clean, free energy?

from about this film:

"Conventional science claims this is impossible, yet generations of inventors have been mesmerised by the promise of an engine that powers itself. The world's reliance on diminishing fossil fuel resources and the associated problems of pollution serve to spur them on. A Machine to Die For showcases a number of dedicated, sometimes eccentric, and always obsessive individuals who have devoted their lives to this quest."

--Bibi Farber

Documentary hosted by Chris Wiggins and published by ABC in 2003