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End Of Styrofoam?

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Packaging that Biodegragdes Harmlessly

Styrofoam may soon be a thing of the past. It famously does NOT biodegrade and has continued to pour into our landfills, especially with the increased shipping due to expanded e-commerce.

Eco Cradle is a new packaging that biodegrades harmlessly. Grown from mycelium, a fungal network of threadlike cells, the process also calls for seed husks, rice, grain and other agricultural byproducts.

To make, it uses only 1/10th the energy needed to create styrofoam. Toss it in the compost, or right in the garden.

It is even edible! But it's not water soluble, due to the way it is "baked". It's fire resistant, which styrofoam is not.

Another beautiful feature of this sustainable eco-packaging is that it can use all kinds of agricultural waste, depending on what is native to the region. Saw dust in one area, rice grain in another. No petrochemical inputs are used in the process.

Hats off to the bright young minds at Ecovative, who developed this amazing alternative to toxic packaging.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Energy Now News. For more information, contact Ecovative.